Here we will answer frequently asked questions we received about our OEM cosmetics and quasi drugs in the Q&A format.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at email or phone: 81-3-3887-2900

I am not familiar with cosmetics materials or approval obtaining procedures etc. Is it OK?

Please don't worry. Hearing from you about your wishes, we will give you all the support and advice about how to proceed in a courteous manner.

Will a request for prototyping incur some cost?

Basically, no cost will incur for prototyping on the assumption of commercialization, but five or more prototypes per product are needed or special materials are used for prototyping due to your request, we will discuss the matter with you.
In case of prototyping of quasi drugs, we will ask you to bear the cost of the application fee (about 80,000 yen) to Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.

What is the minimum production quantity?

The minimum quantity is, in principle, 1,000. Since the cosmetics manufacturing equipment has the minimum volume. Please consult us.

How long does it take to put products on the market?

If you consider your new products using our base formulations on file, cosmetics (contents) can be prepared in one to two months.
However, you basically need to prepare packaging such as containers, fancy boxes. It is likely to usually take four to five months.
If you consider your new products starting from the very beginning without base formulations, cosmetics(contents) alone can be prepared in half a year to one year depending on the prescription. If you like to put them on the market earlier, please consult us.

Is there anything I need to prepare before putting cosmetics on the market?

We make all the applications to the authorities concerned which are required for cosmetics sales. All you need to prepare in advance is brand name. We inform you of items required to state on packages and regulations of indications (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law) and we check if your draft is proper, and so you may feel at ease.

Can you manufacture quasi drugs?

We manufacture quasi drugs. We have obtained permission to both manufacture and manufacture & sell quasi drugs.
First, please let us know what kind of products you wish to manufacture. It takes one year to have quasi drugs approved after its prescription determination for application preparation period and review period altogether.
If you wish to immediately sell your quasi drugs, please consult us since we have quasi drugs whose approval was obtained.

Can you manufacture UV products?

If you wish to immediately sell your products, since we have the products which we developed and measured SPF and PA indexes, please consult us.
If you wish to develop and produce your own UV products which have your original prescription, since SPF and PA indexes of the prototypes need to be tested at an external inspection agency, you will need to bear the cost.

I wish to use some materials I supply. Can you use them in a product?

If supplied materials are used, since their standards and safety need to be checked and such certifications as MSDS, brand name, product standard of materials, test results of materials are needed as well, please consult us in advance.

What should I do about containers and packaging?

We will introduce companies which carry those to you. Please consult us.

How much is the cost to manufacture cosmetics?

It depends on materials to be used and processes to be taken. So when we receive an order of prototyping, we will hear about your desired price and then make a prototype sample in line with the price. As soon as we confirm the prototype sample meets what you desire and its packaging form is decided, we will submit a quotation.

Do you have any prescription that can be turned into a product immediately?

We have some prescriptions we can show you, and so please contact us.

Can I export my cosmetics you manufactured?

You need to carry out the export formalities by yourself.
We prepare necessary documents for the formalities (MSDS, INCI name, certificate of manufacture). Please consult us.