Cosmetics & quasi drugs OEM

We provide various kinds of OEM cosmetics starting with basic cosmetics.
We assist you comprehensively from planning and formulation development to production.
If you wish to join cosmetics industry or consider outsourcing production, let us respond to your various needs.

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Ready-made products

Cosmetics and quasi drugs which can be sold readily.

Quasi drugs

Skin-whitening series

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Acne care, Anti-inflammatory agent

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Depilatory cream

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Hair tonic

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Cosmetics for which functionality assessment has been completed.

  • Cosmetics which can be stated "effective in making wrinkles from dryness inconspicuous."

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  • Sunscreen which have acquired UV indexes (SPF/PA).

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Prescriptions which can readily be turned into products.

  • Shampoo & treatment whose stability validations have been completed.
  • Hair tonic for which patented ingredients are used.

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List of original products

We assist your desire for skin care, hair care and body care products to take shape.

Skin care

We provide skin care products which can be used by nature-oriented or sensitive skin persons, starting with additive-free cosmetics such as preservative-free ones and petroleum surface-active agent-free ones.

Hair care

We provide scalp friendly hair care products, starting with silicon-free shampoo and treatment.

Body care

We can provide not only skin moisturizing products but professional-use ones which may be used at beauty care salons.


Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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