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MISHO has brought in the ultrapure water manufacturing system which can remove impurities to the utmost and been working on the development of natural preservative prescriptions in order to support your production of skin friendly cosmetics. Further, coping with the protection of the natural environment that is important theme given to business corporations and aiming at earth friendly cosmetics as well,it has installed the solar power generation system which enables it to manufacture cosmetics with electricity generated by power of the sun.
solar_01 solar_02
Solar panels installed on the rooftop Monitor of the solar power generation

Effect of the solar power generation system

Electric power obtained by the solar power generation can mostly meet the amount of electricity used in the cosmetics manufacturing process and the annual gross generation is 18,625 kW. Generating this amount of electricity in-house, approximately 5,857kg of CO2 emissions a year can be reduced.
solar_03 solar_04
Year-long solar power generation/solar radiation Daylong solar power generation/power consumption

Graphs: drawn based on the estimates of a solar power generator manufacture

MISHO aims at skin and earth friendly cosmetics production.

MISHO, as a reliable contracted cosmetics manufacturer for private brands, not only makes the most use of its great deal of knowhow and manufactures skin friendly cosmetics, but copes with the ecology activity which further takes into account the influence on environment by continuing to control dependence on existing energy and use renewable energy in-house.
MISHO strives for still cleaner skin and earth friendly cosmetics production.

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